Szkoła Go4Success podpisała umowę na prowadzenie kursów języków obcych z Ekumenicznym Uniwersytetem Trzeciego Wieku w Warszawie.

Monika Miścichowska:

Mrs Wiercinska is a very experienced and effective teacher and mentor. She mentored my preparation for the IELTS exam in a form of individual training. Mrs Wiercinska can explain English rules clearly and gives a lot of examples. She provides interesting study materials and practical English tips. She teaches English thinking. I appreciate her efforts to make my speaking and writing ‚more English’. She has traveled through English-speaking countries and can share her knowledge on Anglo-Saxon culture. Aiming to achieve 7.0 on IELTS exam, I ended up with 8.0! I am 100% satisfied and recommend her as a teacher/mentor to anyone!

Maurizio, Corleone (PA):

When I first arrived I spoke a little English but quickly I made rapid progress. Bozena is a brilliant teacher, very kind and friendly. The course provided a mixture of theory and some very useful practical exercises. I also learned about using a variety of alternative materials and activities as a medium for teaching English such as computer, radio, CDs. Definitely, I appreciate a lot all the classes, the approach to the English language and the teacher, of course!

Skuteczny angielski w Warszawie

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